5 Common problems faced when using non-branded spare parts

Jul 7, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Non-branded spare parts do not promise quality, safety and assurance of long life of the spare parts as they are not selected, made or authorised in accordance with the Tata specifications. They do not get tested as an integral component by the manufacturer of your Tata vehicle.

Fake spare parts can make your Tata vehicle break down in an instant and may be a threat to the safety of vehicles and the occupants too. But as the fake parts are cheaper, people are tempted to opt for them to save money temporarily but at the cost of jeopardising the health of your Tata vehicle in the long run and causing major damage in the longer run to their Tata vehicle.

Let us look at the consequences of using non-branded spare parts a little closely:


Extra expenses

Customers with the expectations to save expenses by using non-branded spare parts end up adding extra expenses in the longer run. As the fake spares have higher chances to fail within a short span, without serving the purpose, this causes further replacement.

Impacts the vehicle’s warranty

To offer the spares at cheaper price, most manufacturers have to compromise on appearance and quality. This affects the warranty of your Tata vehicle. This is an important reason why you should avoid using non-branded spare parts and choose only branded ones for your Tata commercial vehicle.

Threat to safety

Fake parts are not just a threat to the vehicle but also to the safety of the drivers. For instance, if you install a non-branded brake, there are high chances that you may not be able to use it when you need it. Proving that fake spare parts may prove to be fatal.

Collateral damage on roads

We discussed fake parts posing a risk to drivers and the life of your Tata vehicle too. But non-branded spare parts are also a risk to other vehicles driving on roads. Malfunctioning fake spare parts may cause severe threats on roads leading to accidents.

Increase in depreciation value

When you install a non-branded spare part, the mechanism of your Tata commercial vehicle goes for a toss resulting in a compromise on the performance. These fake parts are also known for worsening the overall condition of your Tata commercial vehicle.This results in rapid increase in the depreciation value which puts a pause on the growth scale of the Tata commercial vehicle owner.